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2007 quakysense World Finals Even Schedule At A Glance

Saturday October 6
On Site Registration and Sign-In Begins
Pits Open For Parking
Safety Inspection Begins

Sunday October 7
On Site Registration Continues
Pits Open For Parking
Riders Meeting and Spaghetti Dinner 7:30 PM
Silent Auction to Benefit Havasu for Youth

Monday October 8
Course Demonstration 10:00 AM
Practice  11:00 AM- 5:00 PM

Tuesday October 9
Heats, LCQ’s, Moto 1 for Various Classes  7:00 AM

Weds October 10
Practice, Heats, LCQ for Expert Limited Classes and Others, Some Moto 1 Races
7:00 AM

Moto 2 for Various Classes

Thurs October 11
Practice, Heats, LCQ for Various Classes Including Open  7:00 AM

Moto 2 for Expert Limited Classes and Others

Friday October 12
Complete Trade Show Opens
GP Class Practice 7:00 AM
Moto 1 and 2 for Various Classes Including Open
Amateur Freestyle
GP Classes Qualifying Motos
Bikini Pogo Contest Tryouts Begin
Amateur Awards London Bridge Resort 7:00 PM

Saturday October 13
Pro Riders Meeting 7:00 AM
Pro Qualifying 8:00 AM
12:45 Bikini Pogo Contest Semi Finals at Grandstands/Family
Entertainment in OEM Promenade

Pro Freestyle
Drag Racing
GP Classes Finals

Sunday October 14
Pro Finals 8:00 AM

12:30 Bikini Pogo Contest Finals at Grandstands/Family
Entertainment in OEM Promenade

Drag Race High Speed Run
Pro Finals Moto 2
Ramp Jump Contest
7:30 PM Awards London Bridge Resort


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